Fahnestock, Higby-Flowers and Warren open at the Frist

Nashville’s Frist Center for the Visual Arts presents Pattern Recognition: Art and Music Videos in Middle Tennessee featuring COOP members McLean Fahnestock, Morgan Higby-Flowers and John Warren

April 29–October 8, 2017

McLean Fahnestock. The Sun Taught Me How to Set (still), 2014. High-definition color
video with stereo sound; 4 minutes, 48 seconds. © McLean Fahnestock

Pattern Recognition brings together videos and digital photographs by four artists working in the Middle Tennessee region. Absorbing and unpredictable, the works in the exhibition resist linear narrative. Instead, they explore the technical capacity of digital media to alter our sense of time and reality, showing natural and computer-generated patterns that weave, ripple, and flow in unexpected ways.

The title alludes to the computer science term for the study and organization of information across the spectrum. While in technology the goal is to gain hard knowledge of how linked systems behave, this exhibition’s artists combine and manipulate complex data into irrational patterns evoke memory, mystery, and disturbance.

In their animated landscapes, geometrical compositions, and other invented scenarios, the artists in Pattern Recognition find common ground in the expressive potential of digital media, devising patterns of sensation that rise from deep within the technologically enhanced imagination.

Pattern Recognition also features a selection of music videos that extend the exhibition’s theme of repetition or abstraction as devices to alter perception. These collaborations between area musicians and videographers employ marvelous, playful, and often psychedelic optics to express the underlying spirit of these songs.

The exhibition features the work of visual artists
McLean Fahnestock
Morgan Higby-Flowers
Joon Sung
John Warren

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COOP celebrates in The Big Payback with Studio Snapshots May 3rd

Location: 507 Hagan St, The Packing Plant

Time: 7:30-10 pm, Wed May 3rd

Join COOP for a peek inside the artist’s studio as COOP members present their latest creative efforts in an outdoor projection event in coordination with The Big Payback, Nashville’s annual non-profit support celebration. Join COOP for images, video and performance in front of our gallery in Wedgewood-Houston’s Packing Plant building. There will be artists, there will be drinks, and there will be hot coals for grilling. As always, this event is free and open to the public. All donations to COOP at The Big Payback on May 3rd go directly and entirely to supporting our programming.

More about The Big Payback:

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s The Big Payback is a 24-hour, online giving event created to increase philanthropy in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee. The goal is simple – inspire Middle Tennesseans to come together, show their pride in their communities, and contribute to support the life-changing work of local nonprofit organizations. The Big Payback 2017 takes place Wednesday, May 3 from midnight to 11:59 p.m. Donations will be accepted during this 24-hour period through TheBigPayback.org.

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