Asymmetric Kin: Istanbul & Nashville Collaboration


Asymmetric Kin: Istanbul & Nashville Collaboration 

October 1 – 29, 2016

COOP Gallery is pleased to present “Asymmetric Kin” an experimental international collaboration between COOP and Creative Çukurcuma, Istanbul.  Curated by the curating team of Naz Cuguoğlu & Mine Kaplangı (Istanbul) and Jonathan Rattner & Paul Collins (Nashville), this project will pair four artists from each city in a 6-month collaborative relationship that will culminate in synchronous exhibitions in Istanbul and Nashville for the Fall of 2016. Drawing a line between Nashville and Istanbul, we are turning our eyes to “asymmetry” as an art method linking two cities with different socio-political situations, histories, and daily problems. This project is designed as a cultural exchange and a research experiment between Coop Curatorial Collective (Nashville, TN) and Creative Çukurcuma (Istanbul) supported by Seed Space (Nashville, TN) to learn from these differences and examine the nature of asymmetry.

An exhibition of the work by participating artist teams will be on view through pop-up shows in Istanbul and a month-long exhibition of works in Nashville. Seminars, performances, screenings and artist talks by participating artists and our curating team will take place in connection with these events in both cities. We will try to use Asymmetry as a lens to examine the many questions that arise from a consideration of the different socio-political, artistic, cultural and economical realities in these two countries. Participating artist pairings include Kristi Hargrove and Bahar Yürükoğlu, Jana Harper and Erdal Inci, Michael Dickins and Hasan Özgür Top, Jonathan Rattner and Ayşe Gül Süter.

More about the Creative Çukurcuma

Creative Çukurcuma is a non-profit art initiative based in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded by Naz Cuguoğlu and Mine Kaplangı in 2015. Founded in response to a need for building a platform generating progressive dialogues and discussions on contemporary art, it aims to rebuild the nearly-forgotten ‘neighbor’ experience among the new generation through forming collaborations locally and internationally. These so-called neighbors for the initiative constitute of art centers, project-based spaces, art galleries and all other kinds of collaborative creative working spaces both in the neighborhood as well as out the neighborhood, thanks to its constantly growing local and international network. It focuses on providing its members and networks with an opportunity to learn about each other’s ongoing projects, exhibitions and activities and to collaborate and expand their horizons. It is a cumulative announcement board open to everyone. There will be periodical seminars, exhibitions, talks and performances organized by Creative Çukurcuma and announcements about projects taking place in and out the neighborhood.


More about COOP

COOP is a curatorial collective made up of artists, curators, thinkers and professors who are committed to expanding Nashville’s dialogue with contemporary art by presenting challenging new or under-represented artists/artworks to our community. COOP is committed to exhibiting art of diverse media and content, with a goal to provide an alternative venue for artists free from the constraints of the retail market. COOP seeks to initiate a discourse between Nashville and art scenes across the country by inviting artists to show, develop projects and interact with the Nashville community. Website:

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