Contiguous States Lauren Yeager – May 2013

Artist Statement:

Through my work I investigate my day-to-day, immediate environments. I respond to the collective source, the seemingly mundane objects and forces that everyone may encounter on a daily basis, for example, parking lots, heat, pencils, cats, ventilation systems, and the sun, which are all consistently present in my life, and assumed to be generally predictable. These stimuli constitute much of the visual and otherwise sensory information we encounter on a daily basis.
I am concerned with how the majority of this information becomes regarded as mundane. It is often pushed to the background of our attentions, yet remains in a relationship of reciprocity with the imagination, positing conditions for our lives. In my work I explore how mundane objects and commonplace forces may impact the imagination through their consistent nature and accumulation. My goal is to regard my environments and my relationship to them as malleable.
In my current body of work I regard my surroundings as a set of infinite, potential data sets. I apply conventional organizational systems, such as chronologies, temperature, and the alphabet, to present unconventional taxonomies. The work takes the form of inconclusive charts, graphs, and modified representations of the familiar contents of my daily life. With no apparent conclusions, the “data sets” encourage the self-reflective consideration of preferences and values, often posing the question of “What is ideal?”