F O R M S : JE Baker, September 3-24, 2016

F O R  M S
September 3-24, 2016
Opening: September 3, 2016 from 6–9 pm

COOP Gallery is pleased to present “FORMS,” a new exhibition by St. Louis-based artist JE Baker. This will be COOP’s first official exhibition in its new home on Hagan street.  COOP is thrilled to join the growing Wedgewood Houston arts community.

Baker’s exhibition “FORMS” traces the artist’s struggle to accept her sister’s choice to live as a homeless person and demonstrates how artistic processes can create new and useful forms to examine our systems of behavior and belief. This installation of sculpture, video, and photography tells a personal story of sisterhood and reveals the shapes that grief can take as one contends with homelessness, helplessness, and hopelessness in order to find resolution and peace.

The artist will be present at the opening reception.


More about the artist:
JE Baker is an artist and curator whose interests include material processes, time-based media, non-normativity/queerness, and feminism. The objects that Baker creates are often durational, unfold in space, and/or change physical form through processes of accumulation, crystallization, erosion, or decay. Employing these methods allows narratives to emerge and describe metamorphosis, often leaving trace of traumatic history. This evidence of history aims to evoke a visceral response from the viewer and to elicit a consideration of what it is to be a living subject in an armature of values.

Baker’s work has been exhibited and screened across the country, and internationally as the recipient of a Cultural Exchange Grant from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Baker’s artwork and writing has appeared in various publications including Journal of Artists Books, PIECRUST Magazine, and Probing the Skin: Cultural Representations of Our Contact Zone published by Cambridge Scholars. Baker received a BA in Fine Art and Psychology (2007) from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and an MFA in Visual Art (2012) from Washington University in St. Louis.

Artist website: jebaker.com