Here and Back Virginia Griswold – December 2012

A sewing needle pierces through threads, creating holes and separating material. This activity straddles the line between construction and deconstruction. The pulling apart and separation of threads is necessary in the creation of new forms.

I pay attention to material change and random events in my day-to-day life. Something as commonplace as a pot of water boiling over on the stove can bring back memories of leaving a specific brand of Southern girlhood behind me and,
as I grew into an adult, inhabiting what felt like a foreign body in an unfamiliar environment.

To cap off the year COOP Gallery excitedly presents Here and Back an exhibition of works by Virginia Griswold. Virginia is currently teaching sculpture at Austin Peay State University. Her work is a synthesis of poetic conclusions. She explains her work, “as a push/pull between certainty and ambiguity – making and un-making – movement and stasis.” Please help COOP celebrate the end of the year with the opening reception of Virginia’s work on December 1st from 6-9 pm.