Improve Upon Perfection Dawn Cerny – September 2011

COOP gallery is excited to announce its September exhibit by Seattle artist Dawn Cerny. The mixed-media sculpture show is entitled Improve Upon Perfection, taken from a haiku by the poet Grant Cross

Improve butterflies
Improve upon perfection
If you’re so godlike

While it seems natural enough to blame the jerks and laud the heroes, Dawn Cerny’s Improving Upon Perfection scrounges for subtler conflicts. Indeed, Cerny’s overall darkly comedic sculptural vocabulary registers under-treated paradoxes inherent in the cultural construct, from the wider polis to the nuclear family. Porcelain death masks share the stage with sheaves of bound “trash”; humanized furniture freezes inappropriately in situ, replicas of sacrosanct Americana skirt the line separating eulogy from parody. As a kind of documentary poiesis, Improving Upon Perfection steers the binary of contextual reportage toward an unstable play with gravity and the weight of matter.

Coop Galley