Keeping Time Alicia Eggert – June 2012

Time is connected to language. One needs to be able to describe an event to recall it to another person. A clock maker is called a horologist, a Greek term derived from their word for time and speech. Our conception of time and being able to recount events is a grounding mechanism. From seconds to decades we add markers to our personal timeline. Time can conflict itself. Real time fights with our memory as the actual accounts of events shift into concise fragments. Alicia Eggert’s work asks the question how much should we trust the instruments of time we have come to rely on.

For the month of June COOP Gallery will be presenting “Keeping Time”, by Alicia Eggert. “Keeping Time” will present different ways of seeing and understanding time. The exhibition will include drawing, photography and kinetic sculpture. One kinetic sculpture repeatedly creates and destroys NOW; another reveals the hidden mathematics of life. Cyclical, linear, finite and infinite representations of time are juxtaposed. Change is the only constant.

The opening reception will feature the birth of Pulse Machine, an electromechanical sculpture with a human lifespan that was made in collaboration with Boston-based artist and engineer, Alexander Reben.