KT Duffy: cataclysm/catechism March 2021 Exhibition

We are so excited to have KT Duffy in our gallery for the March 2021 exhibition

Working in the space between labor and automation, I conjure entities into existence via code-based processes and digital fabrication. These entities fuse digital devices’ aesthetics with organic and semi-organic forms in a wide range of formats. Regardless of form, my goal is to spawn moments of interaction and genesis within a series of speculative microcosms to propose a future modality where no entity is bound to a singular reality, expression, or substance. The visual elements in my work reference a broad spectrum of living and non-living lumpy-squiggly things from real and speculative environments: biomimicry, the simulation of natural systems via artificial intelligence, logic breakdowns between human & machine, and technologies related to the evolution of the human-animal are what drives my practice. My work disrupts the boundaries present in the devices with which I collaborate. I utilize the limitations of digital fabrication systems as an opportunity to break out of the normative media ratio, leading to cleverly manufactured facets whose material transforms from constraint to bridge.


Drawing from an expansive and obsessively created library of code snippets and cad/cam forms allows the individual entities of my work to evolve and inherit attributes from each other, resulting in carnal and colorful transmedia mashups that protrude outside of easy definition. These mashups serve as a surrogate for anything with a body. A module of moving image is often embedded within their animality. I employ this sly cinema to reference the unknown terrain underneath an outer membrane, where infinity becomes emphasized through the modular aspects of the work. 


I create environments where the micro and macro coexist, conjuring the viewers’ sensibility and awareness of the body on a molecular and ambient level. My work spans a wide range of formats, including, but not limited to, installations, animations, sculptural pieces, prints, interactive web works, and AR/VR. Regardless of the form, my goal is to first inspire awe and displacement in the viewer by employing scale shifts, squiggly motion, and a hyper color palette. Through the uncanniness of forms, viewers turn their gaze inwards and begin to orient their bodies to the work and towards the other bodies present in the space. Here, I offer a flash of insight into how human biology could have played out very differently on the evolutionary plane. I graft transcendent experiences onto bodies actively adapting to a shifting modality of human experience, which is not the stuff of fiction, but one that activates the human animal’s inherent fluidity and malleability. 


KT Duffy is a new media artist and educator from Chicago’s southwest side. They are currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Northeastern Illinois University.

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