my deepest fear is true my reality is the case Jonathan Paul Gillette – January 2012


in a dream last july i awoke with a vision from high school. my drivers education course required 3 hours behind the wheel with an instructor. as a result many hours were spent driving the natchez trace parkway with two other classmates. one day, my instructor asked to pull off at a rest stop so we could see the view. we drove up the exit, parked and walked up to the look out. before us lay the biggest expanse of land from the highest point we had ever seen.

i felt like i had climbed dharamsala

awaking to this vision i felt something awaited me if i returned to the place. that saturday afternoon i drove the natchez trace in search of a rest stop. as i entered the trace parkway i mysteriously remembered exactly where to go. after driving about an hour i arrived where i had been 10 years prior. i drove to the top, got out of my car. the view was greater than my vision.

as i walked up, there was only one park bench between me and the edge of the expanse. atop it sat a man with his back to me. as i approached he turned, of which i asked if it would be okay if i sat down. he replied, “there is enough room for the two of us.” i sat down behind him, so as not to disturb his view.

i sat and looked at the expanse, amazed at the area of land i could see and wondered why i had dreamed of it the night prior.

the man turned to me and began talking.

im not really certain what we spoke about, but after about 45 minutes i grew tired and told him it

was time for me to be heading back.

he looked me directly in the eyes and with a nod of his head said, “you ride?”

a bit confused, he nodded over my shoulder to where a Harley Davidson Motorcycle sat.

i looked back at him and in a hesitant voice replied, “no sir, but i have always wanted to.”

he looked at me, held my gaze for a moment, then said:

“i will give you advice. whatever you do in life, don’t bitch ride a Harley.”