Nam June Psyche: The Archive Valerie George – August 2013

Coop Gallery is pleased to present Nam June Psyche: The Archive by Florida-based artist Valerie George.

In 2010, George built a recording studio inside her 1983 Mercedes wagon, and during the subsequent year, she toured the country as Nam June Psyche, recording collaborations with other artists, soundmakers, noisemakers, landscapes, soundscapes, and the rain. With a nod to the spirit of Alan Lomax, and the forty-year history of D.I.Y. subcultures, this endeavor set out to document and archive artistic experimenters within the ever-changing American landscape. As she has described her project, “This work developed at the intersection between experimental music and a folk history. I’d like to think that with this project I was an archivist for those who are brave enough to operate outside of the parameters of popular music and culture.”

The Mercedes was wrecked in 2011, but the archive from these wanderings endures, and in recent years, she has exhibited albums, tape sets, videos, sculptures, drawings, and photographs that she created with the audio-visual material collected on her journeys. Exhibitions of the archive have appeared at venues such as the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm, Art Basel Miami, Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, and Worksound Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

The show at Coop Gallery will include a selection of videos, photographs, albums, posters, and audio-visual works based on her excursions.

Valerie received her MFA from the University of California at Davis. She is currently the Head of Sculpture at the University of West Florida and the Arts Editor for Panhandler Magazine: A Journal of Literature and Art. She was previously a visiting lecturer of sculpture at Stanford University.