Northwest Territory PUNCH Collective – July 2013

Coop is pleased to present an exhibition featuring the members of PUNCH collective in Seattle WA.

We live in an age of globalism where trends and ideas cross-pollinate indiscriminately, where physical boundaries have perhaps become irrelevant, and where the separation of time and space has all but imploded. Yet cultural and geographic differentiation lingers. We still hold to biases and stereotypes of a given land. This survey of works by PUNCH members considers the role physical geography plays in shaping a cultural and aesthetic identity. Northwest Territory embraces and celebrates all that embodies the identity of the Northwest: alpine lakes and mountainscapes, raindrops and coffee shops, evergreen forests of Douglas Fir, flannel shirts, fiddlehead ferns and folk-life festivals, latte lounges, gay marriage, the grunge-rock explosion, biking and camping culture, lumberjacks and locavores, Jimi Hendrix’s grave, metrobillies, NW mystics, NW gang life and NW wildlife, microbreweries and mycological societies, backyard bestiaries, marijuana dispensaries, whale-watching, skinny jeans, Space Needles, serial killers, salmon fishing and oyster shucking, the Washington State Ferry System, glaciers, volcanoes, avalanches, indie pop and whisper rock, Voodoo donuts, the specter of Dale Chihuly, sasquatch sightings, etc.

About PUNCH Gallery

PUNCH was founded in March 2006 by a group of artists eager to participate in the dynamic cultural exchange resulting from the emergence of other artist-run galleries in Seattle. PUNCH seeks to exhibit work that is honest, thoughtful, vocal, fearless, and fresh. Applauding individual expression, the gallery’s primary mission is to provide support and encouragement for artists to create and exhibit their work in an atmosphere free from the constraints of commercialism. Committed to excellence on every level, PUNCH promotes the visual arts as a necessary, valid, and worthwhile contribution to Seattle’s cultural growth.

Participating Artists

Renee Adams
Howard Barlow
Justin Colt Beckman
Jessica Lynn Bonin
Cynthia Camlin
Natalie Dotzauer
Jen Erickson
Bill Finger
Justin Gibbens
Carolyn Hopkins
Cara Jaye
Justin Lee Martin
Dylan Neuwirth
Ries Niemi