ONE LINERS: Josh Elrod, December 2015

December 5 – December 27th, opening reception Dec. 5, 6-9pm

COOP Gallery is pleased to present One Liners, a solo show featuring recent work by Josh Elrod. The
works exhibited each deal with the central motif of a single line. In conscious avoidance of creating
work with embedded commentary or content, Elrod intends these paintings to be viewed as
documents. The linear compositions are not mapped out; the lines are executed in a single sitting, as
if they were recorded “takes.” While focusing his painting process on this simple, singular gesture, Elrod
explores the unexpected nuances and inevitable complexities that arise through each execution.

Regarding this work, Elrod remarks: “I discovered, as I started working on this series, that painting a
straight line– which could be a very precise and deliberate act– could also become a dialogue with
the line itself. Initially I imagined that the spaces between the lines would stay even, that there be a
uniformity. What began to take over was the spirit of the line, as it made its journey across each
surface, responding not only to what preceded it, but to what was to come and my own internal
landscape at the moment.”

This is Elrod’s first exhibition in Nashville. Originally from the area, he has recently returned here after
having spent the last two decades in New York City. He is known for his prolific practice, which
primarily consists of spontaneous compositions that are drawn from the subconscious and imbued
with personal iconography. This body of work marks a strong departure as Elrod invests in this focused
investigation of form and the unforeseen occurrences that arise in the process.

More about the artist:
Obsessed with drawing from an early age, Josh Elrod has spent his life creating images. After
receiving a commercial art award at Hillsboro High School, Josh went on to attend the School of the
Art Institute of Chicago. He spent many years pursuing his other passion, drumming, playing and
recording with various dub, pop and noise bands. He spent 10 years performing in New York and
internationally as a “Blue Man” in the off-Broadway phenomenon, Blue Man Group. He founded the
Daily Drawing Agreement, a daily drawing practice that has included many New York artists. He is
also the co-owner of Wilder, a design shop in Germantown. He lives in Nashville with his wife Ivy, and
their two children.

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