Space Spells Nikki Painter – August 2012

This August COOP will be presenting Space Spells, by Richmond, Virginia based artist, Nikki Painter. Painter’s work combines a visual vocabulary of symbols, images, patterns, marks, colors, and constructions that assign meaning based upon her own associations with them.

Interested in psychological connections, these groups of signifiers attempt to interact along a timeline—a push and pull, or movement toward or against one another, while identifying a sense of place.

Painter writes,

Architectural imagery within the work refers to ordered mental processes, related to what is traditionally considered “left-brained” thought: logical, ordered, analytical. I think of this modality as being shown by representational imagery like recognizable fragments of buildings. Conglomerations of patterns, marks, paint splotches, and less recognizable imagery correspond to a more “right-brained” modality: non-sequential, holistic, without rules, visceral.