Summer Series: House Guests – Guy Church, August 6-27, 2016


COOP Gallery is pleased to present a series of exhibitions entitled House Guests. Running through the end of summer, COOP has asked four different curators or curatorial teams from around the region to take over our new space in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood. For the fourth and final show of the series, COOP has invited Tops Gallery from Memphis, TN.

Guy Church                                                               
August 6-27, 2016
Opening: August 6, 2016 from 6–9 pm

Tops Gallery is pleased to present the work of Guy Church at COOP Gallery in Nashville.

Inspired by his love for the history of Western painting, Church began to make drawings in 1986. Church’s drawing almost exclusively depict scenes of young people involved in domestic activities, often in solitude. Lost in play, reading, typing, and drawing, the adolescents represented are self-determining. Adults, when depicted loom benignly. The pictures portray familiar scenes with fabular import. Church has stated “I like the subject of people and what they do. I pretty much just try to invent a face that looks like the person in the story I have in my mind. I ask myself ‘What is she thinking about?’ Well that’s kind of up to the viewer, I guess. She’s not a real person. She’s a picture.”

More about the artist: Guy Church is from Wisconsin. His work has been shown at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters and the Natasha Nicholson Gallery in Madison. His work is in the Rayovac Collection also in Madison. Church participated in "The Voice of the Turtle" at Tops Gallery in 2014 and had solo exhibition at Tops in 2015. His work recently became part of the collection of the Brooks Museum in Memphis.

More about Tops Gallery Tops Gallery is located in Memphis, TN. Their first show was in October of 2012 and their 21st show Haynes Riley: An Attitude You Can Wear is currently on display.