Tarp Lake: Debris of Desire Marin Abell and Heidi Bender – September 2012

Marin Abell & Heidi Bender will be bringing their latest project, Tarp Lake: Debris of Desire, to COOP Gallery during the month September. The exhibition examines the interplay of human desire, the natural landscape, and singular communities. Through the use of video, photographs, a bookof histories, and installation the artists will use the exhibition to extend ideas put forward in their ongoing monumental installation, Tarp Lake.

Tarp Lake is a nomadic, artificial lake landscape created from billowing, blue, and donated cast-off tarps. The lake was originally conceived as a complete sensory experience for viewers who were invited to wade into the lakebed and sit under the roaring, rolling waves. Labels and a book compiling the histories of the tarps enabled visitors to traverse the lake and pinpoint the former lives of each tarp, as used by their previous owners. In its iteration at COOP, Abell & Bender will be presenting footage, photos, their book, and original maps documenting the installation at a site in Huntsville, Alabama. An original installation by the duo will premier at COOP playing on the layered histories of the tarps in connection with spent desires and produced topographies.