Unessential Night The Artists of Grizzly Grizzly – July 2012

The artists of Grizzly Grizzly use the color black a starting point for their upcoming exhibition ‘Unessential Night’ at Coop Gallery in Nashville this July. The title of the show borrows from Alberto Moravia’s novel The Empty Canvas, referencing the “void of the unessential night,” a site of artistic anxiety and doubt.

Black serves as a visual unifier throughout the divergent work in the exhibition, and each of the artists explores ideas of process, which at times is akin to stabbing in the dark. The exhibition, featuring Jacque Liu, Matthew Alden Price, Ruth Scott, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton Moore, and Josh Weiss will include painting, book arts, mixed media and sculpture.

Grizzly Grizzly is an artist-run project space located in Philadelphia, PA. Through exhibitions, performances, and alternative programming, Grizzly Grizzly provides a meeting-ground for dialog and a space for innovative work without the constraints of institutional agendas or commercial interests. We are committed to frank discussion and unexpected pairings. Grizzly Grizzly’s ongoing mission is to blur organizational lines, promote community, and –above all– keep taking risks. In our intimate exhibition space, we build new connections between artists, curators and our greater community, here in Philadelphia and beyond.

Cindy Stockton Moore

Matthew A. Price

Mary Smull

Josh Weiss