Wrapping: New work by Alice Clements, July 2-30, 2016

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Wrapping, an exhibition by Los Angeles- based artist Alice Clements. Clements employs materials outside of their intended use, finding humor in unlikely places as she engages in processes of experimentation. In painting and sculpture, she identifies the essential elements— such as support, fabric, and the relationship between the architecture of the space and a viewer’s body—and elaborates on them.

For her show at COOP, Clements works with the elements of painting, while taking in account the gallery’s space at the Arcade. She experiments with ways to combine these elements and extends the forms into sculptures. Clements will be installing the work in person prior to the opening and several works will be re- constructed using local materials while the artist is in town. Clements will be present at the opening.

Alice Clements lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her BA from Wesleyan University prior to completing her MFA from the Art Center College of Design. Her work has been shown at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, Elephant, Jancar Gallery, and PØST in Los Angeles.