Accounting the Misplaced : Matthew Weedman March 2017

March 4 – 26, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, March 4, 6-9pm

Accounting the Misplaced scrapes the landscape of material and media left unnoticed as we push ever forwards into our future. An examination of our domestic desires fused with the natures relentless investment in entropy reveals a quiet beautiful disconcerting portrait of America.

Matthew Weedman is a Professor of Art at Wabash College in Indiana and has exhibited work across the country including The Biennial of the Americas, Denver CO, CentralTrak, Dallas TX and Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA.

Through photography, video and sculptural processes Matthew re-contextualizes found objects, sound, imagery and environments to explore a personal and social history of the post WWII era and the codification of American ideologies of progress and success that have shaped and continue to mold our experience and the inherent humanity behind that impulse. Using found objects and appropriated data his work attempts to locate the inherent mystery and sense of wonder embedded inside of all of us. In addition to his photographic and sculptural work, Matthew is a founding member of the sound art performance group,The Flinching Eye Collective and has toured the country performing the sounds from objects and humans as an investigation into our shared aural historical environment. Matthew is also the co-writer and producer for the documentary film titled “The Magic History of Cinema” with Tom Garrett and John McLaughlin. The film explores the intertwining histories of magic and filmmaking.