Draw Three: Chris Scarborough, Trent Miller, and Rebecca Morgan – May 2014

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Draw Three, an exhibition of drawings by artists Chris Scarborough, Trent Miller, and Rebecca Morgan.

Filmmaker David Lynch says, “secrets and mysteries provide a beautiful corridor where you can float out. The corridor expands and many, many wonderful things can
happen… I love the process of going into mystery.”

Each of the artists of Draw Three creates works of enigmatic, and often cinematic storytelling. Following two divergent paths simultaneously, Rebecca Morgan creates
works of subtle refinement, one the one hand, and overt humor on the other. Her drawings read like a commedia dell’ arte of redneck beauty, or a Renaissance re-imagined by The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. They are beguiling, hovering somewhere between Raphael and Garbage Patch Kids.

Miller’s works operate as strangely constructed stage sets or children’s book illustrations. The works displays a cagey, obscured, narrative. It is an intimate mystery,
one in which both viewer and artist are participating. The works emerge alongside the narrative, both resisting a linear reading. Like film cells from a lost movie or clues to
mystery, they desire to be linked, each deepening the other.

The works of Chris Scarborough are also filmic and resistant, narrative and disjointed. It’s as if Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, and John James Audubon decided to start a drawing club. Scarborough’s works are refined, delicate, and meticulous. This attention to craft adds a surreal authenticity to images that are processed, computed, distorted, and even violent. Yet, they remain serene, beautiful, and deeply evocative.

Join COOP and the artists for the opening reception on May 3rd from 6-9pm.