Further Hues | New Members Show : August 2022 Exhibition

Further Hues | New Members Show:
Ashleigh York, Austin Reavis, Louis Holstein, Emily Doty, Rachel McKee, Sarah Spillers, and Tree Lily Butcher

Aug 6 – Aug 26 | Opening Reception Aug 6, 4-7pm


More about the artists:

Ashleigh York is a visual artist living and working in Nashville. The driving creative forces behind her work are bright colors and how colors and shapes create abstraction. With a unique artistic voice and a playful and evocative exploration of planet Earth’s color palette, she strives to inspire through inventive and experimental work.

Austin Reavis is a painter from Sewanee, Tennessee. He earned his BFA from Purdue University and Herron School of Art at Indianapolis in Sculpture in 2010 and currently lives and works in Sewanee.

Emily Doty is an abstract painter and printmaker currently residing in Nashville. Doty holds a BFA from Anderson University and has exhibited around the Midwest, where she resided for several years post-graduation. Doty attended and exhibited at Palazzo dei Cartelloni in Florence, Italy. Her work dissects the cyclical nature of time and the fragmentary notion of memory in physical space: what senses remain in a physical place when you return to it after time has passed.

Louis Holstein is a creator, storyteller, and community builder who believes in the power of art and the strength of community. A collaborator at heart, Louis enjoys working with artists and creatives who long to build a world where everyone has a place to belong, space to grow, and the ability to thrive. Louis’ artistic voice is communicated through abstract expressionist paintings, film-making, and writing. Born and raised in Central Florida, Louis resides in Nashville with his wife and two children.

Rachel McKee is a mixed media artist living and working in Nashville. Reimagining the world around her with a variety of natural and synthetic materials, McKee explores her place in the universe through slowness, contemplation, curiosity, and play. Rachel received her BFA from Watkins College of Art at Belmont University in 2021.

Sarah Spillers is an award-winning contemporary painter and educator from Nashville. She achieved her bachelor’s degree at Austin Peay State University studying Art Education K–12. As a professional educator, she strives to help young learners foster the same enthusiasm for art that she has. Her current work explores the aftermath of Nashville going through the COVID-19 pandemic with the use of lively color and texture.

Tree Lily Butcher was born Emily Read in Nashville. Butcher discovered her love of hand-cut collage through an experimental zine she created in high school. In March of 2020, during the pandemic, Butcher shut herself into her home art studio and ripped apart magazines while the world split at the seams. Change is at the very core of hand-cut collage and change is what inspired her to pursue art professionally.