Future Fossils : Jennifer Crescuillo June 3-30, 2017

Jennifer Crescuillo is an internationally exhibited artist currently living and working in Silver Point, Tennessee with her family. She was first introduced to glass at Bowling Green State University where she completed her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in glass. Jennifer continued her research at Southern Illinois University where she earned her Master’s of Fine Art in glass. She has worked at various glass studios, such as Pilchuck Glass School, The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and others. Together with her partner, Andrew Najarian, Jennifer operates High Polish Studio specializing in custom and contract cold working services.

“I am interested in the concepts of primitive, ancient, and modern. Much of my work expresses the definition of technology as any advancement in human interaction with our environment. Human advancement of technology and our willingness to discard obsolete items are themes that run strong in much of my work. My work has a subtle narrative quality coupled with techniques such as mold making, casting and hand finishing to emphasize a connection to ancient art and tools.”

The period of time that an object is in style is growing shorter and shorter as the demand for new and improved products grows. The change that everyday objects and technology undergo in our minds from new and useful, to old and obsolete is the focus of most of my work. I want the viewer to have a connection to each object, a personal memory with it. I want the viewer to remember each object when it was new and then to see it as it is in front of them; primitive, ancient, degraded, old, useless.