Green Revolution Jung A. Woo – November 2012

Green Revolution
Definition: A large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties

For the month of November, COOP will be presenting an installation by the artist Jung A Woo titled Green Revolution. Green Revolution addresses our use of resources and the veneer we put over our environment to reflect that which we consider ideal. The installation will incorporate video, plastic bottles, and organic matter. Jung A explains the project as:

“I try to study and think about pollution and all of the consequences that come from it. I try to make art about this topic and talk to people about it. But I polluted in pursuit of making this art piece! Artists often comment through their work on social problems in which they are complicit. As an artist, I am constantly using resources and materials, some of which are toxic or carcinogenic. At times I don’t even know what the value or function of my work is or if it is worth the effort and materials that I commit to it. The act of daily living in this country and most of world creates vast quantities of waste and often harmful byproducts. It is our way of life. We don’t know how to do things differently. It is a way of life that we depend on for our wellbeing but simultaneously it causes us harm that we do not even fully comprehend. This is the dilemma of our time. This is the “Green Revolution.”