House Guests: studentTeacher, July 2018


COOP Gallery presents its third annual summer series of exhibitions entitled House Guests. For the months of July and August, COOP has invited different curators to take over our space. For the month of July we have handed the gallery over to Mike Calway-Fagan (curator of Stove Works in Chattanooga) and Julian Harper. See below:



Curated by Julian Harper and Mike Calway-Fagan

July 7- 28, 2018

Opening Reception Saturday July 7th, 6-9pm

Performance lies at the heart of hierarchical knowledge exchange. Each participant enacts a role, and each enacts that role based on codified behaviors and historical precedents, expectations, social norms, respect, fear, ego, inquisitiveness, empathy, etc. Think about these roles: teacher, student, mentor, apprentice. The point is, archetypes–bottomless origin myths–precede every role-destination. This exhibition is an experiment, a mixing up of roles, a fuck-that, and an acknowledgement that you are never not collaborating. We all come together to mix energies, ideas, and materials across a plateau, one that cares nothing about or acknowledges status.

In Memphis, TN a new artist residency has been established and it is amazing. As an also-resident at Crosstown Arts, Mike Calway-Fagen in collaboration with Provost, Utah-based artist Julian Harper, are excited to present works by dancers, composers, visual artists, film makers, and others in COOP’s dynamic space as part of StudentTeacher.

Participating Artists:
Carrick Bell
Janaye Brown
Linda Gallagher
Ondine Geary
Beth Krebs
Sarah Ledbetter & Steven Prince
Carrol Harding McTyre
Lester Merriweather
Rosemary Warren