Like Riding a Bike: Katie Hargrave & Brett Hunter, April 4 – 24, 2015

COOP Gallery is pleased to present “Like Riding a Bike,” an interactive installation by Katie Hargrave and Brett Hunter.  Artists Katie Hargrave and Brett Hunter take the axiom about memory and ability, “it’s like riding a bicycle,” and create a platform for conversations about lifelong learning, skill sharing, and cycling. What do we know? How do we learn? What will we never forget?

Hargrave and Hunter have been using participatory storytelling to collect stories about learning to ride a bike, freedom and fear, and skills we have that we will never forget. They invite the audience to participate, get on a bike within the gallery, and listen to these stories.

This will be Hargrave and Hunter’s first exhibition in Nashville, and the artists will be present at the opening reception and at COOP’s NADB event on Friday, April 3rd.

More about the Artists
Katie Hargrave is an artist who lives and works in Chattanooga, TN. Hargrave is interested in a poetic and quiet activism that can exist within the history and politics of life in the United States. Each day the decisions, thoughts and actions we make accrue meaning. She’s been riding bikes all her life, though now that she lives in the mountains, her bike has a lot more gears.

Brett Hunter is an artist and educator living in Hornell, NY. Through installations, public projects, and events he investigates place, memory, community, and provides a catalyst for public dialogue. With a belief that the stories we tell and the dialogue we have form the foundation of our communities, Hunter creates structures and moments to facilitate, collect, and share these conversations. He thinks far too much about bikes and would much rather pedal up than coast down.

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