Of Diabase in Time: A Screening of 21 Experimental Films…May 2, 2018

COOP presents Of Diabase in Time: A Selection of Twenty-one Experimental Films Made by Artists Currently Living in North Carolina

Wed. May 2, 2018

Track One, 1211 4th Ave S
Film Program: 6-8pm

Since 2010, COOP has been committed to expanding Nashville’s dialogue with contemporary art by presenting challenging, new, or underrepresented artworks to the community and initiating conversations between Nashville and different art scenes across the country.  Last year, Coop expanded its programming by launching Coop Microcinema, creating a venue for experimental time-based art in Nashville. Our spring 2018 screening features work from artists living in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s festivals, art galleries, micro-cinemas, and diverse film programs have made it one of the epicenters of contemporary art-based cinema in the United States. Curated by Coop Members and Nashville Filmmakers Jonathan Rattner, John Warren, and Morgan Higby-Flowers and programmed by the filmmaker Anna Kipervaser, who teaches in the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image at Duke University, Of Diabase in Time consists of animation, digital video, and 16mm films from a  selection of twenty-one film artists currently living in North Carolina. (see lineup below)

Hunter Stark, The Ebbing Stream

Screening Lineup:

Song for Occupations, Joshua Wismans, 03:37, 2017

Ott Gotcha, Tom Whiteside, 00:30, 1894/1974/2015

Sound Speed, Alex Cunningham, 04:45, 2017

Tadpole Tale; a fantasy, Laurids Andersen Sonne, 14:00, 2017

Discourse of a New Planet, Christopher Sherrill Thomas, 09:01, 2016

16mm Sound Film, Aaron Kutnick, 02:16, 2014

Aurora and the Sea, Charlotte Taylor, 01:07, 2006

News from the Sun, The Smyth Brothers, 03:06, 2016

Birth Chart, Jasper Lee, 05:58, 2018

The Descending Passage, Alina Taalman01:42, 2014

Octarine, Katie King, 04:59, 2018

A Return To The Return to Reason, Sabine Gruffat, 03:00, 2014

Anatomical Gifts, Michaela O’Brien, 05:57, 2015

The Ebbing Stream, Hunter Stark, 06:37, 2017

When The Lionfish Came, Tamika Galanis, 06:02, 2016

TO THE GAD-FLY, Phyllis B. Dooney, 07:07, 2017

Great Dismal Swamp, Jason Sudak, 11:48, 2017

Suhail and The One Having Crossed Over, Anna Kipervaser, 05:55, 2015

CONTACT, Rhys Morgan, 02:53, 2017

Photosites I, Lisa McCarty, 06:37, 2017

Reinhardt Blue, Jason Oppliger, 11:30, 2015