Paperstorm: Yutaka Kawahito – December 6 – 27, 2014

COOP Gallery is pleased to present “Paperstorm,” an interactive sculpture by Yutaka Kawahito. Hand cut locally sourced printed materials, primarily newspapers and phone books, float, filter, and fall from a suspended sculptural body.  Whether though observation or activation, the work seeks to produce a field of potential energy and contained mesmerism.

Through his practice, Yutaka collects, connects, and often dissipates physical materials that are found or discarded to confront cultural hegemony.  Yutaka hopes that the condensed time the works consists of, in their creation and in the shared experience of viewers, permeates the greater collective space; encouraging reconsidered connections and more inquisitive conscious reaction.

This will be Yutaka’s first exhibition in Nashville, and the artist will be present at the opening reception and at COOP’s NADB event on Friday, Dec 5th.

More about the Artist
Yutaka Kawahito is a native of Hiroshima, Japan, and current resident of New York City. He received his BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University and his MFA in Sculpture from Yale University.  He has been a resident at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and has served as an assistant to Japanese Master Potter, Takashi Nakazato at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado.

Coop - Yutaka Kawahito