Peter Froslie – October 2011

COOP is pleased to present the multi-media work of Oklahoma-based artist, Peter Froslie. COOP invited Mr. Froslie based on his exhibition of work related to history and investigating global relationships through a range of media and technology. He makes objects (sculpture) from children’s toys that he hacks, such as Etch-A-Sketches and stuffed animals, disarming some of the heavier content of the work. He plans to exhibit an arm of his work created through virtual space around the historical figure of John Wilkes Booth.

His artist statement reads:

Intersections between art and technology are the fundamental focus in my creative process. As a researcher, I’m currently developing an art studio/ laboratory that facilitates an environment for artists to explore relationships between virtual and physical spaces. As an artist, I’m creating work that considers relationships between global media surfaces and infrastructures. The artwork I produce typically manifests across a range of media. The works often communicate shifting fictional narratives while maintaining connections to technological infrastructures, such as the internet, and sensor networks. In 2005 I started an avatar on an expedition. The avatar borrows its ‘skin’, or surface, from a historical figure (John Wilkes Booth), and its ‘innards’, or infrastructure, are an evolving component of my current work.

Froslie is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art in Boston (MFA) and is Assistant Professor of Media Art and Technology at the University of Oklahoma. He has shown work at Samson Projects in Boston and has recently completed a residency in China.

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