Robert Scobey – February 2011

For February 2011 the COOP collective presents work by artist Robert Scobey. A Nashville native (and Lipscomb University graduate) who currently lives and works in Philadelphia (PA), Scobey employs a multidisciplinary approach including altered (“excavated”) books, sculpture and painting. Scobey seeks to mine territories of information with his work, eclectic fragments that are both powerful and intentional. He writes:

I see the books as archaeological terrains and landscapes. They are about hiding and revealing, and after I excavate them, they often create strange and ambiguous narratives. Books relate to memory and the ways we remember. Contemporary culture encounters information through the book, but also through the television and through the Internet. The book still exists, but it exists as a ruin. As the book approaches obsolescence, literature, history and knowledge remain embodied inside of litter.

Coop Gallery