sightlines (CEL) Daniele Genadry – March 2012

COOP is proud to present a show of recent works by Daniele Genadry. Daniele will bring her current project, sightlines (CEL), to COOP for the month of March. The work comprises prints, paintings, books and illuminated transparencies- all of which examine the connections between sight and memory.

CEL stands for Chemin de Fer de l’Etat Libanais, (National Lebanese Railway) and is a project that began with an extinct train line that once connected the port of Beirut with the Bekaa Valley in her native Lebanon. Daniele physically retraced the train route, documenting her movement with photographs and videos. The works shown are a result of that research. They attempt to recreate a journey from both a physical and temporal distance (memory). They also refer to the act of collecting, examining and translating a set of images: first through the camera, then on a screen, printed onto paper, and physically placed in an environment. The pictures themselves acquire associations, duration and light—they become an experience.

Says Genadry,

The process that one goes through to create place, recall a journey, or understand a present, relies heavily on memory, and the construction of certain familiarities in perception. The unconscious assignment of known and unknown fascinates me. Taking a split second and elongating it so there is enough room to insert other memories, one eventually finds a familiar place.

More about Daniele Genadry

Daniele Genadry is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in New York. Daniele received her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Arts in London. She works in a variety of media including painting, photography and screenprinting. She has shown her work internationally with exhibitions in New York, Boston, London and Beirut, Lebanon. This is her first show in Nashville.