VOYAGE TO ALPHA CENTAURI Daniel Luchman – October 4 – 25, 2014

October 4th- 25th – opening reception Oct. 4, 6-9pm

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Voyage to Alpha Centauri, an exhibition featuring a video installation and sculptural piece by Daniel Luchman.  For this exhibition, Luchman will present a re-edited version of his 2012 video, Voyage to Alpha Centauri.   The video, a silent comedy filmed in Western Pennsylvania, is composed of a series of moments that “allegorically demonstrate the technology necessary for interstellar travel and the possible psychological reality of such a journey.” 

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our own sun.  In the video, the artist simulates the voyage to Alpha Centauri by performing on a rotating platform that he built, which he occupies through the course of most of the piece, costumed, using various props, and moving about on a treadmill affixed with fans, a keyboard, and lights.  The project is loosely inspired by the third labour of Herakles – in which Herakles is ordered to catch the Golden Hind of Artemis, an incredibly fast small deer. Here, Luchman’s arduous and absurd task is matched with a disarming sincerity conveyed by the character in the video.

In conjunction with his show at COOP Gallery in the Arcade the artist will also exhibit a piece of new work at The Packing Plant in the Wedgewood Houston area.