Weichteile – soft tissue Sabine Schlunk – November 2011

COOP is pleased to present “Weichteile – soft tissue”, a multi-media installation of sculpture from Nashville-based artist Sabine Schlunk, November 5-26, 2011. The objects and installations (created both in the US and Germany) translate psychological conditions into materials (sand, rocks, feathers) and sounds.

Schlunk writes:

Touch is essential: with the hands, with the eyes and with the body. I represent the forces of nature with my own personal dimension. I sew body pods to the hands, feet, and legs of people with whom I have a personal relationship. Every stone, grain of sand, and mound of earth has a story to tell about losing oneself and finding oneself again. Intellect proceeds from instinct. Had I not become and artist, I surely would be an archaeologist, geologist, surgeon, psychotherapist, prehistorian, philosopher, shaman, traveler or shepherdess.

Coop Gallery