The Coop Collective is pleased to announce The Fulcrum Lost its Feather: A Collaborative Work by Daniel Evans and Shu-Mei Chan. Daniel and Shu-Mei will build an installation using ceramic materials based on simple machines, the flight of birds,and gospel music. This exhibition will open Saturday, March 5 and continue through Saturday, March 26, 2011.

We know that the bird rises by the resistance of the air, using his wings as levers and the air as a fulcrum.

Bird in the Air,
by Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, 1900s

The Fulcrum Lost its Feather is a collaborative experiment between husband and wife duo, Daniel Evans and Shu-Mei Chan. Inspired by the genius of simple machines and the flight of birds, this mom & pop operation, based in Bloomington, Indiana, wondered if their collective soul could outwit their individual wills. Using a simple call-and-response approach, the two artists will use clay and each other as their starting point in creating an installation of ceramics objects and other media. At its heart, this work-in-progress is partly a love story, partly a fight, and partly wishful thinking. Who and what will prevail?

Coop Gallery