Shelby Rodeffer’s Entropy’s Stitch

Shelby Rodeffer’s Entropy’s Stitch

July 1st – 22nd | Opening Reception July 1st, 1– 9 PM

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Entropy’s Stitch, an art installation by Shelby Rodeffer.
Entropy’s Stitch weaves together the enigmatic world of Masonic regalia, the unpredictable
force of entropy in late-stage capitalism, and the whimsical charm of Southern idioms. Through hand-sewn and painted banners inspired by Masonic regalia, each piece becomes a canvas for a captivating exploration of hope, entropic chaos, and southern culture.

In this exhibition, Rodeffer transcends her previous focus on social critique and embarks on a new entropic direction. Messages hand-painted onto silk and satin banners combine nihilistic thoughts with Southern idioms, creating a peculiar fusion of introspection and humor. As you venture through the exhibition, you will encounter a tapestry of calls to action interlaced with absurdity. The messages, simultaneously silly and thought-provoking, invite contemplation on the futility of life’s grand tapestry. Entropy’s Stitch is an invitation to embrace the disordered nature of our world, to find solace in the nonsensical, and to explore the intersection of nihilism and silliness.

More about the Artist
Shelby Rodeffer is a Kentucky-based artist specializing in traditional sign painting and gilding, handmade banners, murals, and other painted works. Rodeffer has exhibited work nationally and internationally, curated group exhibitions, and created more than 30 hand-painted signs and murals, many of which can be seen in public spaces and on storefronts across the United States of America. Rodeffer is the owner and principal painter of Finer Signs, which has created work for notable clients including Warby Parker, Pitchfork Music Festival, and Coca-Cola. Finer Signs prioritizes opportunities to collaborate with small businesses and local non-profit organizations, through custom signage and public artwork to increase their visibility in the community or through gratis or low-cost workshops for youth, beginning artists, and those interested in the traditional crafts of hand-lettering and sign painting.

More about COOP
COOP is a curatorial collective made up of artists, curators, thinkers, and professors who are committed to expanding Nashville’s dialogue with contemporary art by presenting challenging new or under-represented artists/artworks to our community. COOP is committed to exhibiting art of diverse media and content, with a goal to provide an alternative venue for artists free from the constraints of the retail market. COOP seeks to initiate a discourse between Nashville and art scenes across the country by inviting artists to show, develop projects and interact with the Nashville community.

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